Workshops and Education

The Mental Health Association responds to the need for education, health and wellness promotion, reduction of stigma and improved sensitivity towards the mentally ill.

The Association provides workshops and maintains resource material in the areas of suicide intervention, stress, bereavement, problem solving, depression in the workplace, first episode psychosis and other areas related to mental illness. For Mental Health resource materials, see our Mental Health Information page.


ASIST 2-day Suicide Intervention Workshop

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

The aim of ASIST is to help caregivers become ready, willing and able to provide emergency first-aid to persons at risk of suicidal behaviour. “During the two-day workshop, participants will examine their attitudes about suicide, learn how to effectively recognize and estimate the risk of suicide, and develop new and/or reinforce existing intervention skills. The skills are composed of a blend of knowledge about suicide intervention and the generic helping skills that most caregivers possess. The ASIST also addresses the need to develop a collaborative network among participants since caregivers often have to work together to prevent suicide.

ASIST is by far the most widely used, acclaimed and researched suicide intervention skills training in the world. It has been refined over 18 years with feedback from over 200,000 participants and 800 active trainers.

The workshop prepares caregivers to competently intervene with a person at risk of suicide. Caregivers master “suicide first aid” for reasons similar to those for learning CPR “heart saver” or basic physical first aid. Advanced and other skills are then “layered” on to this suicide first-aid foundation.

This is a certified workshop. A certificate is given to all participants who complete the full 2-day workshop. The cost of the workshop is $150.00 for the general population and $125.00 student rate.

Upcoming Sessions:

Preregistration is mandatory
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The "Strengthening Families Together" program of the Schizophrenia Society grew out of the strong belief that Canadian families have a right to consistent educational information on serious mental illnesses regardless of where they reside. This national education program is for family members, friends and caregivers of individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses. It aims at increasing accessibility to Canadian-based information and is offered at no cost.

Facilitation Manuals and Participant Handouts include information on each of the following topics: understanding mental illness, learning about causes and treatment options, and providing information on the mental health system.

The topics for the sessions:

Introduction to SFT and Overview of mental health/illness

Psychotic disorders: causes and treatment

Mood and anxiety disorders - causes and treatment

Coping as a family


Advocacy & understanding the mental health system
Throughout the program there will be guest speakers chosen to present a topic in their area of expertise corresponding to topics of the group sessions.

Scheduled courses:


Mental Health and the workplace
Overview of Mental illness
Suicide Awareness
Self Esteem
For further information on these workshops contact us at the Mental Health Association. In most instances programs can be tailored to your needs.