• Posted on: 18 November 2014
  • By: admin

Dear friends and partners,
As you may have heard or read in the papers, a split has arisen between us as the branch of the Canadian M. Health Association and the NB Division of the organization. We want to take this opportunity to explain and reassure you, as friends, clients, stakeholders and supporters of the local branch.

The split is over philosophical differences. The provincial body has decided to restructure in a way that would centralize its management and would result in the elimination of local Boards of Directors. It has always been at the grassroots level where programs and services are provided, and taking these decisions away from the local level is, in our view, not in the best interest of our clients. While we are sure the provincial organization is doing this with what it sees as the very best of intentions, the provincial organization could not guarantee the same level of community connectedness and quality of service for those we serve. In the end, we had to come down on the side of the clients who rely on us. For this reason, we are no longer under the umbrella of the Canadian Mental Health Association New Brunswick Division.

The important thing is that our services will not change. We are an autonomous, independently incorporated charitable organization with our own funding. For over fifty years we have been your partner providing quality mental health services and supports in the F-O Region, and we look forward to serving the region and our clients for another fifty.

We had hoped to continue under the name of the Canadian M. Health Association as that is what people know us as, but the New Brunswick Division holds the rights to that name in New Brunswick and it has determined that we can’t use it.

So watch for an announcement in the near future on a brand new name for our organization. But realize that while the name will be new, everything else will remain the same. We’ll still have our highly competent, experienced and trusted team delivering all our projects and programs under the governance of a locally based Board of Directors.

We are committed to a smooth transition, and will report regularly on the next steps. As always, we welcome questions and input from our valued clients, partners and community members. Please see the new web site: www.crmhaa.ca